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Candid Conversations

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Candid Conversations

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I Respect You, But…

This week's post is a motivational word for anyone who's felt intimated or insecure at work or in a relationship.

The next time you want to shrink down or feel pressure to prove yourself, use the post below as a reminder to boldly be who you are and unapologetically take up space- because have nothing to prove and you belong.

I respect you, but I belong. So I will not be intimated, shrink down, or silence my voice to maintain the status quo or stroke your ego.

Being cordial is not the same as being submissive.

Yes, you can (and often should) adapt to the cultures and rules of the company, business, and community that you’re in. But never at the cost of your dignity, self-identity or personal values.

Your job and relationships are bi-directional, meaning that there should be a give and take on both ends.

Of course, there are customs and expectations that you’ll try to live up to. But remember that you have standards too. And your company, colleagues, partners etc., should be putting a proportionate degree of effort into ensuring that your standards are also met.

While we recognize seniority, honour customs, and value traditions- the time of pecking orders is over, or at the very least, it’s passing and making way for a new era of mutual respect and effort.

So, in that next meeting, email, or even interaction with the in-laws, make this your mantra:

I respect you, but I belong. And I expect the respect the be mutual.


About the Author

Jenine Shaw, M.A. is a Certified Coach and Qualifying Psychotherapist who works with adults experiencing anxiety, stress and burnout. 


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Counselling can also support you on your self-care and personal-growth journey.

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