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Counselling & Psychotherapy

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Focused, Flexible and Empowering Care for Individuals in Ontario

Hi, I'm Jenine, and I support adults on their mental health and personal growth journeys via virtual therapy sessions. 

If you've been feeling anxious, depressed or stressed out, you are not alone. 
Whether this is a new feeling or something that you have been experiencing for a while, change is possible and

therapy can help. 

Common Concerns and Challenges


Anxiety can interfere with your daily life by making it difficult to concentrate and triggering a sense of fear or tension that follows you around.


In addition to the emotional and mental elements, you may also experience physical and behavioural symptoms that make it difficult to cope. 


Depression can affect your mood, motivation and energy, which may then make it challenging to get through your day.


In addition to experiencing persistent feelings of sadness or a loss of interest, signs of depression also include:

  • difficulty concentrating 

  • feelings of guilt 

  • feelings of emptiness

  • irritability 


We all have an inner critic- that little voice that goes on about our "flaws and shortcomings" and plants seeds of doubt regarding our ability to cope.


If your critic has become overbearing, therapy can help you to change your relationship with this inner voice so you can see yourself in a new light, and regain your confidence to be seen and pursue your goals. 

Stress and Burnout 

The ever-growing list of responsibilities, deadlines and tasks can take a toll. If left unaddressed, the accumulative effect of this prolonged stress may lead to burnout- a state of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion.

Breakups, Career Changes, and Other Life Transitions 

The only constant in life is change. But what do you do when these changes are unwanted, scary, or painful? 


Even positive changes (such as starting a new job) can lead to stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or depression. Whether wanted or not, these transitions come with their own unique set of challenges, and you don't have to face them alone. 

Personal Growth & Self Exploration 

Sometimes we get stuck in cycles, repeating patterns from the past or finding ourselves in similar situations that we've tried to leave behind. If this sounds familiar, it may be helpful to embark on a journey of self-exploration.


Retelling the stories of your life is a powerful experience that can help with breaking cycles.

Therapy can help.

A new way of feeling, thinking and being is possible and support is available for your journey ahead.

Research shows that 75% of people who participate in therapy report benefiting from it. 

Therapy can help you: ​

  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression

  • Develop a sense of calm and centeredness 

  • Increase mindfulness so you can engage more fully in your life

  • Connect with yourself and others on a deeper, more meaningful level 

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What to Expect

While we would work together to create an individual plan that fits your needs and schedule, the standard course of therapy includes weekly 50-minute sessions. 

  • Therapy may be goal-directed, meaning that we would work towards accomplishing a specific outcome, such as decreasing anxiety or improving your mood. 

  • Alternatively, therapy may be less directive and serve as more of an emotional landing space aka, a time and place for you to check in, be heard, and emotionally recharge for the week ahead.

For most, therapy is a mix of the two. Identifying what feels most comfortable and helpful to you is one of the topics that we discuss during the initial consultation.

Fees and Payment Process 

  • 50-minute Psychotherapy Session: $135+

Payments get processed after sessions by a secure software system after which your receipt is then emailed to you.


Psychotherapy sessions are covered by most extended health care insurance plans. Benefits do vary, however, so I recommend confirming your coverage with your insurance provider. 

Working Together

Working together would mean having someone in your corner as you

  • explore your emotions

  • process your thoughts and

  • take the next steps toward achieving your therapeutic goals. 

In addition to providing effective care and actionable tools, I am also committed to creating a safe and warm environment where you feel supported in every session.

To get a feel for working together, I invite you to

book a consultation below. 

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Schedule a Consultation

 You've taken a brave step in looking for a therapist and it would be an honour to journey alongside you as you move forward. 

If you're interested in learning more, please reach out by 

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 or by Completing the Form Below 


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